How to Grow Closer to God By Helping in Your Community
November 26th, 2020

This year has been a challenging year for most of us. Some have been hit harder than others this year and knowing what resources are available in our community can be very valuable. The following article, provided by Meridith Jones, includes information on what you can do to support local charities and can help guide you toward needed resources.

Lists and charities linked within this article are not maintained or endorsed by MVCOG.

How to Grow Closer to God By Helping in Your Community

God always makes sure that everyone has something to give. This can include giving time or money to local causes, both of which can be beautiful ways to bless the lives of others in the community. When we give of ourselves to help those who are less fortunate, we ultimately grow our relationship to our faith and to God. These resources and links can be helpful in forging that relationship and lifting up those who need help the most.

Helping the Homeless in Your Community

The homeless are some of the most needful individuals in the community, and providing food, shelter, or other essentials can help provide them with comfort.

Understand the challenges homeless people face in the community.
● Discuss ways to help homeless populations with your church leaders.
● Ask for donations of essential items to give to local shelters.
● Volunteer your time with area homeless assistance programs.

Helping Feed the Hungry in Your Community

Many people, including the homeless, go hungry each day, but there are local programs to provide these people with the sustenance they need.

● Research common causes of hunger in America.
● Ask youth church members to help feed the hungry.
● Consider starting a free food pantry at your church.
● Or, you can collect food items to give to local food programs.

Helping Others in Need Throughout Your Community

Feeding the hungry and helping the homeless are two noble causes, but there are many more ways to improve the lives of community members.

● Look up local nonprofits that are in need of donations or volunteers.
● Consider helping homeless animals by donating to local rescues or shelters.
● Volunteer with local Habitat for Humanity programs that help families in need.
Organize a fundraiser for a deserving local charity or cause.

No matter who you are, you have something to give to your community. A gift of money, food or even time can mean so much to those in need, so give what you can when you can. Also know that giving of yourself, no matter what those gifts may be, will help you grow closer to God.