What’s My Motivation? Philippians 1:15-18
August 18th, 2019


Paul was concerned about the __________ of these circumstances. Paul wanted to tell the Philippians that he’d learned to see his circumstances in a new light.

Because Paul chose to ____________ his unjust treatment

Paul wanted them to know that God was using Paul’s very unjust _______________ as a witness for Him.

Two classes of preacher, two motivations

Both groups are preaching __________.

Their __________________ are different.

Some preach from ________ and __________

In Gal 5:19-21 Paul describes the __________ of the flesh

In Romans 1:28-29 Paul describes the heart of those who do not __________________ God.

Some preach from _________ ________

This group’s __________________ is right.

Ministry-No place for wrong motives

__________________ from worldly motives has no place in the ministry.

____________ ____________ has no place in the ministry.

This motivation _____________ Paul

They were _____________ to distress Paul

Paul couldn’t go out and demonstrate a defense of the gospel from pure motives because of his _____________________.

Speaking the Word of God without fear of man is _____________ in Christ. Speaking the Word of God without fear of God is _______________.

Rejoice-Christ is proclaimed!

What is Paul’s ________ _______ _______________ for the Philippians, and for us?

____________ our motivations

God will use a ______________ to speak his word, if no-one else is available.

We ______________ whenever the gospel is proclaimed.