Philippians 1:9-11: Paul’s Petition for the Philippians
August 4th, 2019


We talked about how “_____________ continually, ____________ unceasingly, and giving __________ in all circumstances are three things that go together.

Paul is talking about what God is doing in the __________ of the Philippians.

In verses 9-11, Paul, takes a moment in his letter to _________ for the Philippians

That your love may abound

The word for love here is Agape.

Agape is used most often to describe love that is of ______and from _______.

Paul is praying that their love________ ____ ___________.

Sometimes love is easier to show for those ___________ our family than ___________.

Real Knowledge

Paul uses the word epignosei for knowledge, an intensified knowledge, a knowledge with true _____________, discernment.

It’s not the kind of knowledge that fights against love, puffing us up like head-knowledge, but the kind of knowledge out of love, out of _________________, which builds up.


The word for discernment here means _____________ ___________.

Approve what is excellent

So Paul gives us a ________ __ for his prayer.

And that reason is so that they will be able to make a _____________ _________________ about what is ______________ ________________ in their Christian walk.

Sincere and blameless

And Paul gives them a __________ for the ____________.

On the Day of Christ, when they’re transformed, changed, there will be ______ ________ ________________ in the way that they lived their life here on Earth, and the perfect walk with Jesus that they’ll have in heaven.

11 having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.

Full of fruit of righteousness

And there’s another reason. Paul wants the Philippians to stand on that day before Jesus full of the _________ that is the _________________, the ______________ of walking closely with and obeying God over a long period of time.

For the glory and praise of God

And what’s the ultimate reason? What’s the result of all of this? God gets the ________ and the ________.