Philippians 1:3-8 Thanksgiving and Prayer
July 28th, 2019


Paul begins the content of the letter of Philippians by: ___________ _______

One common cultural concept which is un-Christian is: ______________.

We have the power in prayer to change things, but if we don’t ________, they won’t _________!

Another common cultural concepts which is un-Christian is: __________.

Prayer with __thanksgiving______ is a powerful thing


All of our memories that REALLY mean something involve ____________________.

As Christians we remember churches first because where we met _______.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites used actual unhewn ______________ stone.

But our memorials are made of __living ___ _stones_____.


My Blessings from God Prayer of Thankfulness List:
1. _________________________
2. _________________________
3. _________________________
4. _________________________
5. _________________________
6. _________________________
7. _________________________

I thank My God

Paul says “My God” to express his _____________ relationship with God.

Paul expresses God’s __________ on him, since he’d been “arrested” on the road to Damascus and called into service.

Paul expresses his personal _claim__ on God as his adopted son. My very personal God.

I thank Him regularly

Paul’s thanksgiving for the Philippians is a ___________ part of his prayers.


Paul feels a deep, ¬______________ _______________ for his brother and sister Philippians.

Thanksgiving and Joy through fellowship in the Gospel

The reason is because of their koinonia, their _fellowship__________

Thanksgiving and Joy through their endurance and steadfastness

Despite persecution, the Philippians endured, helping in the spread of the ___________ from the beginning of their church until that very day.

Paul’s Confidence from Evidence

6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Paul is confident in their __salvation____ and their __________________

Work will be finished
God is doing the work, so the work will be ___________

Finished to perfection
Since Paul’s ultimate confidence here is in ________, not man,

Paul knows that the work will be finished to ___________.

Paul’s Full Heart
Paul says that he has the Philippians in his heart.

Can Paul get a witness…
Paul calls on God as his witness to his affection for the Philippians